ATS-C30 & ATS-515 Basic Clocks

The ATS-C30 & ATS-515 are a basic ethernet-interfaced Time Recorder.

Simple to install and operate, these Time & Attendance terminals provide all the basic Time Recorder functionality in an attractive and cost-effective package.

ATS-C30 & ATS-515 Basic Time Recorder ATS-C30 Basic Time Recorder


  • Work on a standard TCP/IP network
  • Bright, high-contrast display shows time of day, Last 4 digits of the ID-code and error messages
  • Approximately 8000+ records storage capacity
  • Convenient Machine Number setup feature using IN and OUT buttons simplifies multi-terminal installation
  • Built-in Ring relay for external ring (bell) control
  • Daily bell schedule of up to 32 different entries
  • Built-in Proximity reader with Weigand 26bit output for connection to access control systems
  • Two buttons for clocking IN and OUT with additional options available for expansion
* Model ATS-C30 & ATS-515E shown


RFID reader: 125 KHz, ASK, 64 bits, Manchester coding or Mifare reader 13.56Mhz
Database capacity: App. 8200+ records
Supported interface: Ethernet, TCP/IP protocol
Bell control relay: 1A, 12 V max.
Power supply: DC 9V, 500 mA
General Dimensions: W185 x H110 x D51 mm
Installation: Wall-mount
Operating temperature: 0 ˜ 55 Deg. C
Operating humidity: 5 ˜ 95% relative

Note: This Specification is subject to change without notice and also model dependant.


  • ATS-C30 - with Mifare Proximity RFID card reader
  • ATS-515EH - with HID Proximty RFID card reader