Easy Trak

The cheapest & simplest way to track employee worktimes!

Easy Trak is a fully functional software Time Clock. A 100% Australian designed solution for recording employee start & finish worktimes (incl. breaks) in a fast, secure, accurate & simple manner, within a factory or office by utilising an unused or legacy PC.

EasyTrak screenshot

Easy Trak is sufficiently light on system resources that it can run on almost any old legacy PC; so long as the intended machine is capable of running at least Windows 2000 (Pentium III w. 20MB Hard disk) and being installed on a network (for multiple user enquiry access).

With the addition of a serial port or keyboard wedge, handheld barcode reader, staff keyboard access is un-necessary. The system enables your employees to use barcodes to identify the tasks they are performing.Standard mouse or function key operation is also supported should the barcode reader become inoperable.

  • ID number and timestamp are logged instantly upon scanning. Timesheets can then be printed or emailed at pre-defined schedules.
  • Worktime data is easily transferable to your "Time & Attendance", Accounting or other software via the simple automated network file transfer (even while Easy Trak is in use).
  • Perform live reports on current Job status;
    • Time spent on each operational part of the job
    • Productive & non-productive time
    • Chargeable & non-chargeable time
    • Staff Performance
  • Reports are easily created in WORD, EXCEL, PDF and other industry standard formats.
  • Job barcodes are configured to utilise your existing Job No. format *
    * Easy Trak does print all required barcodes
  • Simple addition of new employees, jobs &operations


Easy Trak can also be easily customised to meet your requirements. Just specify your requirements and we will make the necessary changes to accommodate your required entry format.

The Easy Trak Imaging option allows the system to record the image of the person performing the registration. If the need arises, the history of images of the registrations can be viewed at any time through the weekly viewing screen.

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